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Aries and Break-Ups

Aries, though you can be quite a heartbreaker, your sign takes breakups particularly hard. As the sign of self-love, you have a lot of pride, and being rejected is a big blow to your ego. While others may doubt themselves, most Aries wonder: “Why wouldn’t someone want to be with me?” You know you’re a catch!

With that philosophy, it would seem that you’d move on quickly. Alas, no. Independent Aries don’t commit easily. You know you’re special, so you’ll hold out for your prince or princess — the person who has exactly what you want in a mate. No settling!

Once you find that special someone, you pour yourself fully into the relationship. Aries, you have a childlike innocence about you, and you want that happily-ever-after fantasy. Many Aries have had famous fairy-tale weddings (Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Star Jones and Sarah Michelle Gellar, to name a few).

Deep down, Aries are terrified of abandonment. Losing your mate makes you feel alone and helpless, which you hate. You expect every real relationship to last forever. You’ll fight to make it last, even if you’re miserable with this person and the love has died. Years can pass before you have another serious relationship. 

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