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So I was messing around with one of my Astrology programs, and the compatibility function, and accidentally set the compatibility to my chart x my chart.

So this is how compatible I am with myself (blue is good, red is bad) vs how compatible I am with Hunter. xD


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Me: So, you come across three bears. What do they look like?
Boyfriend: They're white and weigh 1,000 pounds.
Me: This is a personality thing! Be serious!
Bf: I am being serious! They're polar bears!
Me: In the middle of a forest? Seriously? Alright. How do you interact with them?
Bf: I have some Coca-Cola with them!
Me: Oh, come on!
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Calli: I'm going to SLAP YOU WITH SILENCE.
Hunter: Thank God.
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Calli: So apparently Capricorns have been described as "sexually repressed and/or kind of boring in bed."
Hunter: Oh?
Calli: Yeah. I was like WHAT. Then went into a detailed and lengthy report on our sex life.
Hunter: Oh.
Hunter: WAIT.
Hunter: WHAT?
Hunter: Why?
Hunter: No.
Hunter: Don't do that!
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I explained to him that you can’t send people URL’s on Tumblr’s ask system. He asked why, and I said to prevent spam.

A few moments later, I received this.

Accompanied by him informing me;

"They can’t stop me from sending spam!"

I’m laughing so hard right now omg


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"I want the younger version of myself, er, my children, to read the Harry Potter series as they grow up.
Then, when they’re 11, I’ll send them a letter saying they’ve been accepted to Hogwarts.
I’ll be their teacher since they’re mudbloods, technically, but I’ll tell them that I go to Hogwarts and I’ll teach them Latin and figure out ways to like tie a string to a paper to make it seem like it’s floating.
- A Sagittarius. (Drake)
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Drake: Hunter! Spell "me."
Hunter: M - E.
Drake: You forgot the "d."
Hunter: *stares at*
Calli: There's no "d" in "me!"
Drake: Not yet!
Hunter: I was scared of that, that's why I didn't say anything!
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Hunter tried telling me he isn’t materialistic, even though he’s a Capricorn Sun/Leo Moon. 

Now he’s sitting next to me petting/cuddling with his money.

And then he fucking usED THE CAPRICORN PICK UP LINE ON ME! He just looked at me and goes “Hey baby. Wanna go out? I have more money then you can spend.” and I just


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Calli: So, we're discussing what music genre suits each zodiac sign.
Drake: Oh?
Calli: Yep. One person said that Punk would be best for Sagittarius because you're tactless.
Drake: What?! Do you really think I'm tactless?
Calli: Do you even know what "tact" is?
Drake: No! But that doesn't mean I'm without it!
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"I look at it like this; if I kill you, I can’t ever bring you back. If I let you live, I can kill you at any time."


Guys I’m kind of scared come help me please

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