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Anonymous asked astraltwelveaskbox:

Calli was right, I’m a Gemini

I don’t know which one you’re referring to. 

themeatandsarcasmgirl asked astraltwelveaskbox:

Calli was right! Well, half-right. XD I’m a Virgo Sun, Sagittarius Moon. Not too bad for Hunter either, guessing another Fire sign. Also a fun note, I was born in the year of the Horse, which often correlates with Gemini, so again, close guess for Hunter!


waytoosane asked astraltwelveaskbox:

You’re both wrong, I’m an Aquarius. :) I guess I’m a misleading kinda Aqua, huh?

I guess so! What’s your Moon Sign? :)

waytoosane asked astraltwelveaskbox:

On one site my moon sign is Leo and on another, it said Cancer. I guess because my moon was just entering Leo, so it has some Cancer traits!

I guess so! I can totally see both. :)

salmonmun-and-switchblademuse asked astraltwelveaskbox:

Ding-Ding-Ding! Hunter was right; I’m an Aries sun sign, Leo moon, and Gemini Ascending. :D

Hunter: cooooooooooooooooool :D



oslady asked astraltwelveaskbox:

hahah, I’m a libra, actually. but my south node is in aries and i can be very arian at times. and capricorn is my rising! no taurus though, but well, I AM venusian. ( resending answer here c: )

Huh! Very interesting. :)

illegallyawesome asked astraltwelveaskbox:

Nope. Im not at all a fire sign. more of an earthy capricorn. :)

Shhhh you’re a fire sign now.

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GMS #29

salmonmun-and-switchblademuse submitted:

- I’m rather introverted, as people make me tired when I spend too much time with them, but I love my friends to death.
- I’m extremely loyal, and quick to anger, especially if someone hurts my friends.
- I love to start things, but hate finishing them.
- I get very obsessed very easily, but lose interest with the same quickness.
- I’m cynically optimistic.
- My best friend once described me as a girl of paradoxes.

Hunter: Libra or Aries.

Calli: Cancer, or Capricorn. 

GMS #30

mawgra submitted:

GMS yay

i’m socially awkward, and i don’t have many friends, but when i’m hanging out with just the right people i can act pretty extroverted even tho i’m an introvert. my friends often say i’m witty and clever, and most of my friends are older than me

i like observing things rather than taking part of them, in this way i can psychoanalyze almost every situation. i also like to “read” people, which is when i observe a person’s body language and how they act to determine either what they’re feeling/thinking about or who they are, and with this ability it’s easy for me to manipulate people

i’m pretty much the most egoistic and secretive person i know

i have a lot of feelings beneath my facade, it’s just that i’m not really in touch with them and i have a hard time recognizing them, which pretty much leads to me never knowing how i feel, and that’s why i prefer logic over feeling

music is my passion and pretty much my life, and next comes artsy things like drawing and story writing/ song writing, plus singing, which is when i get to take out all of my creative potential

when i work, i like to work alone in silence, the only sound being my favorite songs

the people i’ve spoken to usually thinks i’m odd or weird, but that doesn’t really bother me because it’s my life, not theirs

( sorry if this was long unu )

Hunter: Aquarius.

Calli: Scorpio, or Capricorn.

GMS #31

krip-tonita submitted:

- I like being alone
- I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humour
- I set high goals for myself and am extremely hard on myself when I don’t meet those goals.
- I pride myself on how eccentric people think I am
- I don’t like following crowds, I can make my own decisions
- I have few close friends but I’m extremely close and loyal to them
- I HATE when people have pity parties for themselves
- I’m a peace maker/ emotional dumpster for friends/ advice-giver
- I’m almost always  laughing sarcastically or rolling my eyes haha
- I don’t want anyone to see me as weak or vulnerable 


Hunter: Capricorn or Aquarius. 

Calli: Aquarius or Leo.

GMS #32

xadoree submitted:

  • I love to laugh, make jokes. and see people happy
  • Usually really random and weird
  • Very curious about almost everything / Love discussing 
  • Seen as really flirty by others because I love to have fun 
  • I tend to try to be specific as possible, but in general, I look at the big picture. 

Hunter: Aries.

Calli: Sagittarius or Gemini.

GMS #33

Laura submitted:

- I’m a bit of a dreamer
- I’m always loyal except for if people hurt me badly then I cut them dry and leave them in the past
- I tend to have instense sexual attraction to pisces males
- I’m very proud almost in detrinment to myself
- I appear quiet confident and laid back but I’m actually quiet insecure and a worry wart
- I crave attention
- I need adventure and excitment to feel content

Hunter: Gemini

Calli: Aries.

GMS #34

Julia submitted:

-I enjoy being outdoors and consider myself a bit of an adventurer

-I can’t stand to be over scheduled

-I’m very artsy

-I have a small but very close group of friends

-I’m sort of controlling

-I don’t like being over scheduled

Hunter: Taurus.

Calli: Sagittarius, or Gemini.

GMS #35

oslady submitted:


- Logic is easier for me than emotions
- I am very concerned about my appearance
- I want to be a psychologist and astrologist, and I also love fashion and art.
- I can’t stand hypocrisy
- I can be very self-conscious and sometimes shy, but if I am the host or I’m in a one-to-one situation and I feel the need to entertain people and I can be outgoing
- I get easily bored and lonely
- I can be temperamental

Hunter: Capricorn or Taurus.

Calli: Aaarriiieesss

GMS #36

fireburns-waterdrowns submitted:

  • Feel my calmest in nature/outdoors
  • Sometimes think I talk too much or overstate things
  • People say I’m friendly and polite
  • I have a hard time delving deeply into subjects, but know a lot about many
  • Great listener but hate opening up about myself
  • Have a great imagination, but sometimes get too lost in it (I call it my Neptunian side

Hunter: Pisces or Virgo.

Calli: Sagittarius, or Gemini.

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immortalviridian submitted:

1. I’m very sensitive and a crybaby but I’ve got tons of intuition!
2. My self esteem wildly shifts from highly positive to highly negative.
3. I adore history and reading about it because it makes me so excited!
4. I am very creative in many ways, but sometimes too much!
5. I love black comedy and macabre satire.

Hunter: Pisces, Pisces, Pisces, Pisces, Pisces!

Calli: Cancer.

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softhedgehogswearsocks submitted:


I’m very artistic and I like to sing.
I have a strong connection with animals. (So cute and furry!) I care a lot about my friends, they are so important to me. I love books and TV shows, I really get attached to the characters.

Hunter: Virgo?

Calli: Taurus!

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xdaisyfield submitted:

1. I like control and order, and often make and depend on to-do lists.

2. I can be social when with friends but often close myself off from new friendships

3. My biggest source of confidence is my hair.

4. I’m a very sexual being, but only show that side to my significant other.

5. I feel like the “momma bear” of my friend group because I take care of others and am very generous

Hunter: Taurus.

Calli: Virgooooooooo, or Leo.

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12-stars submitted:

- I can usually be really quiet when you first meet me, or very friendly and welcoming. It depends on the day I suppose. 
- I have a witty, and warped sense of humor
- I’m artistic 
- I’m extreamly loyal and mellow
- I want a companionship that is casual, layed back, fun. Nothing to heavy or serious.
- I’m really patient and rarely have anger outbursts
- I’m really bad at telling people how I feel.

Hunter: Libra.

Calli: Gemini, or Libra.

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equilibraum submitted:

-i yearn for a relationship, but at the same time im extremely scared of being hurt and have never found the right guy

-im a dancer, play the flute, and i used to write

-im extremely empathetic and sensitive to others feelings, to a point where if i do something to hurt someones feelings the guilt is crushing

-im always learning something, and think of myself as pretty smart, even if i dont show it too often

-im super interested in astrology, mythology, and spiritual things

-when i get into a competition or rivalry with someone, i get extremely competitive and will stop at nothing to win

Hunter: Sagittarius.

Calli: Pisces, or Scorpio.

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notsimblrfamous submitted:

1. I get along really easily with people, but the amount of close friendships I keep is extremely limited.

2. No idea why, but I think Air Signs and Fire Signs are the bomb-diggity.

3. I hate how sensitive I am on the inside, so I try to come across as a friendly person who is constantly laughing.

4. I am an extreme over-perfectionist. Especially toward myself.

5. My mind moves faster than my mouth does. I also tend to overthink.

6. I hate it when people do things with no logic behind it. I just think, “WHY? WHAT’S THE POINT IN BEING AN IDIOT?!?!?” 

7. I’ve got a crazy sense of humor, especially around my two best friends Aries and Taurus. People never know what hit ‘em and I love it. 

Hunter: Capricorn.

Calli: Leo, or Aquarius. 

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lillyith submitted:

GMS :)

- Quiet and serious until you get to know me
- Artistic and a bit dreamy
- Deeply emotional, but I keep it hidden from most people
- Very curious and adventurous. I’m a runner and swimmer. 
- Disorganized and pretty scatterbrained too
- Likes to read and I write my own stories as well
- Bio major and nature lover
- Language is my other love (I study French as well)

Hunter: Scorpio or Libra.

Calli: Taurus, or Libra.

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friggle-froogle submitted:

  • I’m a bit awkward in social situations 
  • Hardworking
  • Likes to take control of situations
  • I don’t like accepting other peoples opinions 
  • I like spending time alone
  • Like to learn random facts and researching different types of information
  • It takes me a long time to open up to others
  • i like to listen to rock to mellow me out

Hunter: Sagittarius, or Capricorn.

Calli: Taurus, or Leo.

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themeatandsarcasmgirl submitted:


- Ability to lead, but rarely does so

- Highly self-critical, but seldom critical of others, thinking of excuses for them often

- Always well-dressed and groomed, even grubby days are polished

- Doesn’t make friends well, but is always coolly friendly

- Likes animals better than people…?

- Loves going to new places, hates the travel to get there

- Super food adventurous

- Incredibly goofy when with closest companions

- Massive temper

Hunter: Leo or Gemini.

Calli: Virgo or Capricorn.

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prettyparacosm submitted:

  1. I am very neurotic, and tend to spend most of my time alone
  2. I enjoy the macabre side of life, and tend to fixate on thoughts of death and blood.
  3. My grades are exceptional; I make all As without having to work at it.
  4. Most of my friends think that I talk too much, but I am very quiet around strangers.
  5. I am not very sexual, in fact, the thought of becoming intimate with someone frightens me.
  6. My thought patterns are very strange, most people have trouble following my logic.
  7. Inside, I am very fragile and easily hurt, though I appear trusting.
  8. I am drawn to religious iconography, though I consider myself an atheist.

Hunter: Pisces

Calli: Scorpio, Sagittarius.

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iwakisanismybabydoll submitted:

I detach myself from my emotions at times

i’m out going

tend to be loud

talk to myself from time to time

hard for me to stay focused

I can do two things at once

I have a hard time going to sleep because my thoughts won’t turn off

Hunter: Gemini.

Calli: Gemini, or Sagittarius.

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pianostandardtime submitted:


-I’ve got a lovely case of social anxiety. And by lovely I mean not at all lovely. 
-I’m really itching to get out of where I am right now. 
-I’m a bit of a crazy perfectionist. 
-I have a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, sometimes it’s a bit macabre.

Hunter: Aries

Calli: Sagittarius.

(Anxiety is a serious medical condition, not a personality trait. So our judgement is based on the other three descriptions).

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