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Upcoming Astrological Events for 2014:


 Mercury will retrograde three times in 2014.

Mercury Retrograde Feb 6 — 28, 2014  (Pisces and Aquarius)

Mercury Retrograde June 7— July 1, 2014  (Cancer –Gemini)

Mercury Retrograde October 4 — 25, 2014 ( Scorpio and Libra)


Venus enters Capricorn November 5 — March 5, 2014

Venus retrograde December 21, 2013 at 29* Cap

Venus direct January 31, 2014 at 14* Capricorn


Mars enters Libra December 8 — July 27, 2014

Mars retrograde March 1, 2014 at 28º Libra

Mars direct May 20, 2014 at 9º Libra


Jupiter Retrograde November 6 2013 — March 6, 2014

Jupiter enters Leo July 17, 2014

Jupiter retrograde December 8 2014 — April 8, 2015


Saturn moves from 16º  Scorpio — 0º Sagittarius in 2014

Saturn Retrograde March 2, 2014 — July 20, 2014

Saturn enters Sagittarius December 24, 2014


Uranus retrograde July 21 — December 21


Pluto Retrogrades ends September 22, 2014


Chiron is retrograde June 19 — November 24, 2014


Mars square Jupiter is action forcing growth. Growth forcing action can increase physical strength and the ability for risk taking.

Mars square Jupiter January 8, 2014

Mars square Jupiter April 22, 2014

Mars square Jupiter August 1, 2014


Mars square Pluto can force you to pull up our bravery and courage. You move with instinctual action, physical endurance. Ambition may be strong. This aspect invokes courage. Be careful not to physically exhaust yourself and burn out your adrenals.

Mars Square Pluto December 30, 2013

Mars square Pluto April 23, 2014

Mars square Pluto June 14, 2014


Mars in opposition to Uranus is standing up for your rights. You will fight for what is right for you. You will want your freedom and independence. You will be  ready to make bold moves.

Mars Oppose Uranus December 25, 2013

Mars Oppose Uranus April 23, 2014

Mars Oppose Uranus June 25, 2014


Jupiter in square to Uranus can remind us that necessity is the mother to all inventions. This energy can inspire innovation, new technology and inventions.

Jupiter square Uranus February 26, 2014

Jupiter square Uranus April 20, 2014


Jupiter in Cancer will be in opposition to Pluto. This will make you very ambitions. You will want to take charge of your life. Watch out for legal problems and operating outside of the law.  The master strategist Jupiter can empower you in 2014.

Jupiter oppose Pluto January 31, 2014

Jupiter oppose Pluto April 20, 2014


Total Lunar Eclipse   April 14-15, 2014   25º Libra

Annular Solar Eclipse  April 28-29, 2014  9° Taurus  

Total Lunar Eclipse  October 8-9, 2014    15º Aries 

Partial Solar Eclipse    October 23, 2014 0º Scorpio


Transiting North/South Nodes move in Libra/Aries February 22

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Free Consultation:

This is where we sit down and discuss what you’re looking for, and which of my Readings and Reports best suits your needs. We’ll go over some basic information including (but not limited to) your birth data, your relationship with your parents, your current living situations, your history, your current emotional states, and more. 

I will use all this information to tailor our sessions, and the Report and/or Readings I provide for you.

Follow up sessions:

Although I use astrology as a tool to better understand your question, concern, or relationship, I do not offer astrology “readings” as such. We will not go through every planet and every aspect in your chart. We will explore the major themes and patterns in your chart, and consider how these energies impact your current situation. I will use my understanding of your Natal Chart to better assist you in any way I am needed to, based on our discussion in the first session.



During a follow up session, I can look at an additional chart of someone about whom you’d like to get insight regarding romance, work health, a family issue etc. for an additional fee of $10. You must have their data ready before the beginning of a session. If you’d like a complete relationship reading, see Compatibility Reports.

Schedule an Appointment

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1. Go to the Storenvy Site, and purchase your desired Report. 

2. Leave a “note” when checking out.

And/or message me at either this accountaskbox, or through E-Mail (reports@astraltwelve.com). 

Click here to see what information required for each Report

Here’s a couple examples:

That’s it!

After I receive your message, I will contact you letting you know that I got it. Your Report will be written within 1-2 weeks, and either mailed (via USPS Priority Mail) or E-Mailed to you.

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The Electional Reading answers a “when should I do it” based question.


For example:

Cost: $20

Click here to purchase an Electional Reading.

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Career Reading

The Career Reading is a reading of your Natal Chart, with a focus on the specific areas that involve career, which include (but isn’t necessarily limited to):

This can be used to assess which career path is best suited to the Native, if the current position is well suited, etc. Will be tailored to the request of the Customer.

Cost: $20

Click here to purchase a Career Reading

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Horary Astrology is a branch of Astrology that deals with asking a question and finding the answer. The Astrologer casts a Chart for the moment the question was asked, and then interprets it to find the answer to the question. 

Your report will include:

Common questions include:

Cost: $20

Click here to purchase a Horary Report

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Cross Examination Compatibility Report


Comparison is done by examining each planetary pairing’s Sign, Triplicity, Modality, Duality, and their Aspect to each other.

Cost: $20

Click here to purchase a Cross Examination Compatibility Report

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Hyleg & Aloccoden


Cost: $20

Click here to purchase the “Hyleg and Aloccoden” Add-On.

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More Personality Fun


Cost: $5

Click here to purchase the “More Personality Fun” Add-On.

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Personality Summary


Cost: $5

Click here to purchase the “Personality Summary” Add-On.

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Advanced Natal Chart Report


Costs: $30

Click here to purchase the Advanced Natal Chart Report.

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Comprehensive Natal Chart Report


Costs: $20

Click here to purchase the Comprehensive Natal Chart Report.

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General Natal Chart Report


Costs: $10

Click here to purchase the General Natal Chart Report.

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Basic Natal Chart Report


Cost: $5

Click here to purchase the Basic Natal Chart Report.

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Complete Natal Chart Report


Costs: $50

Click here to purchase the Complete Natal Chart Report.

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