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Katniss: Capricorn- A defender of what’s right, and purely resourceful, she bravely sacrificed herself for her sister and refused the spotlight for it.

Peeta: Cancer- Strong, and loyal. He would have given himself for the one he loved so that she might survive.

Gale: Taurus- Resourceful, loyal, and stubborn. Gale showed courage in the books, and sometimes let his stubbornness get the better of him.

Prim: Pisces- Caring, meek, and a healer. Even when things got hard and frightening, Prim stepped up to follow in the footsteps of her sister to make a difference too.

Haymitch: Aries- Tough, knowing and a fighter. When he won the Hunger Games of his time, he was thrown into a state of alcoholism and sorrow over what he had to do to keep alive. As soon as he saw a spark of hope, he did everything in his power to ignite it- helping to create the Girl on Fire.

So, Willo did this a while ago, and I disagree with these. xD

Katniss is a Taurus. (in the book, even). Strong, stable, with a deep need to take care of people. Stubborn as hell, and isn’t fond of following orders unless they are her own. Deeply loyal to those she loves, even when it would be much easier not to be. 

I believe Peeta to be a Libra. He’s kind, peaceful, gentle, and forgiving. He fights for justice; rather than his own life. I’m not sure. Reading through the books, I just got a huge “libra” vibe.

I think Gale is a Leo. He’s stubborn, with a fire burning deep within him. He rants and raves, and loathes the Capitol. He fights for those he loves, and is extremely loyal to them. He provides for them at all costs. He isn’t afraid to sacrifice the few to save the many. 

I believe Prim is a Cancer. She’s soft, kind, compassionate, but extremely strong, and wise beyond her years. She’s a healer (much like their mother), and has the strength to keep going and see the light in most situations.

I agree Haymitch is an Aries. He’s brash, rude, and blunt - but that’s just how he interacts with the world. He cleverly survived his games, and uses Alcohol to escape the horrorish nightmares it causes. He manipulates people for the end goal, and is a champion of underdogs.

Of course, there’s lots of other minor characters, but these are the main ones. 

Have you read the books? What do you think the characters’ signs are??

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Theorized signs for fictional characters are done based on the assessment of their personalities as it is portrayed in the show. While some characters have fictional birthdays, we over look that to assign them the sign we think fits them based. Since this series was started by people asking us what we think characters’ signs are, it may not be the same as what you believe.
If you’d like to discuss your thoughts, head on over to the AskBox. :)

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theorized Astrological Signs

Elsa: Virgo

Ana: Gemini

Hans: Aries

Kristoff: Capricorn

Sven: Leo

Olaf: Sagittarius

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The Simpsons
theorized Astrological Signs

Homer: Gemini

Marge: Virgo

Bart: Gemini

Lisa: Libra

Maggie: Scorpio

Note:  I know there are many other amazing characters in the Simpsons, and I’d love to list them as well. However, there are too many for me to list all of here, and I feel I wouldn’t know how to pick and choose them. If you’d like to know my analysis of a specific character, feel free to send a message at the askbox!

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theorized Astrological Signs

Stanley Yelnats: Virgo

X-Ray: Leo

Armpit: Gemini

Zero: Capricorn

Zig Zag: Aquarius

Magnets: Cancer

Mr. Sir: Leo

Mom: Sagittarius

Warden Walker: Aries

Kate Barlow: Scorpio

Sam: Taurus

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Anger Management
Theorized Astrological Signs

Dave: Libra

Chuck: Aries

Buddy: Scorpio

Linda: Libra

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Without  A Paddle
Theorized Astrological Signs

Jerry: Sagittarius

Tom: Leo

Dan: Virgo

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Disney’s Lone Ranger
Theorized Astrological Signs

Dan: Capricorn

John: Sagittarius

Tonto: Libra

Butch: Aries

Latham: Leo

Rebecca: Virgo

Jay Fuller: Gemini

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Theorized Astrological Signs

Mac: Aries

Dee: Capricorn

Frank: Taurus

Charlie: Pisces

Dennis: Capricorn

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The House Bunny
Theorized Astrological Signs

Shelley - Libra

Oliver - Taurus

Natalie - Gemini

Mona - Aries

Harmony - Cancer

Joanne - Pisces

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Les Miserables
Theorized Astrological Signs

Jean Valjean - Cancer 
Javert - Capricorn
Fantine - Scorpio
Cosette - Libra
Eponine - Pisces
Marius - Sagittarius
Thenardier - Gemini
Madame Thenardier - Aquarius 
Enjolras - Leo
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Along Came Polly

Reuban Feffer - Virgo

Polly Prince - Gemini

Sandy Lyle - Leo

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Criminal Minds

Aaron: Scorpio

David: Taurus

Derek: Gemini

Jennifer: Capricorn

Spencer: Libra

Alex: Aquarius

Penelope: Gemini

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That 70’s Show

Eric: Pisces

Donna: Aquarius 

Steven: Sagittarius

Kelso: Virgo

Jackie: Libra

Fez: Leo

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Ron: Leo

Veronica: Capricorn

Brian: Aries

Brick*: Libra

Champ: Aries

(*Brick’s personality is more expansive than his low IQ. He’s kind, sweet, punctual, and friendly. This is why I imagine him as a sweet Libra male.)

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