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What are Opposite Signs?

Aries & Libra

Taurus & Scorpio

Gemini & Sagittarius

Cancer & Capricorn

Leo & Aquarius

Virgo & Pisces

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Your Opposite Sign is directly across from your Sign in the Zodaic cycle. People born six months apart are usually Opposite Signs.

While the word “opposite” usually is related to differences, part of it’s definition is:

Placed or located directly across from something else or from each other.

In Astrology, the term Opposite is used as a physical, adhering to the definition above, as two “opposite” signs are literally on opposite sides of the celestial sphere, and opposite times of the year. 

The Sun Sign which is opposite to your Sun Sign will be of the same Quality (Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable). This means the two Signs will share some traits in common. Your opposite Sign will also be in a different but compatible Element (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water). This means there will be some differences to make it interesting, but also enough similarities to make it fairly comfortable.

There are six possible combinations:

Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius and Virgo-Pisces. 

Me v. You -  Independence v. Relationship
Aries is naturally assertive and decisive, whereas Libra tends to avoid conflict and always considers the other person’s opinion or point of view. Aries rules anger and Libra rules fairness and justice. Together they teach each other about compromise and how to get needs met. 

Security v. Change - Sensuality v. Sexuality
Taurus rules money and the physical world whereas Scorpio is the sign associated with life’s hidden riches, intrigued by the metaphysical realm. Scorpio brings depth and intensity to the relationship and Taurus grounds Scorpio in the real world. A passionate pairing. 

Communication v. Exploration - Knowledge v. Wisdom.
Gemini is constantly on the move, flighty, witty and loves gossip. Sagittarius is the traveler  a seeker of truth and deeper meaning in life. Together these two can have lots of fun and have the ability to teach and learn from each other. A youthful couple who love life. 

Home v. Work - Mother v. Father.
Cancer needs comfort and nourishment and takes pride in nurturing family and friends. Capricorn is the workaholic of the zodiac who aspires to great things in life and is always looking for another mountain to climb. This can be a warm, safe connection as the couple provide for and protect each other. 

Individuality v. the Group - the Entertainer v. the Brainiac.
Leo is a natural extrovert who loves to perform and adores a life filled with play and a chance to be self-expressive. Aquarius is cerebral, more introverted and interested in the group and social dynamic but with a wacky side. Two unique individuals who can be best friends.

Service v. Sacrifice - Order v. Chaos.
Virgo’s the list-maker, the perfectionist who thrives on routine and an orderly universe. Pisces is the poet, the mystic, a soft touch. Together this couple can learn about compassion and serving humanity. Their romantic muse becomes their inspiration for creativity and magic. 

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Sensitivity and Sensuality

Virgo and Pisces are both sensitive to their surroundings and love sensual pleasures.

From interaction with the Virgo, Pisces will learn to become more practical, to work meticulously and to think methodically. Pisces will feel more grounded with the help of Virgo.

A relationship with Pisces will help Virgo learn to open up to his emotional core, while awakening the artist within. Since Virgos usually have an interest in writing or design, Pisces might inspire them to pursue their inner-desires.

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Progress and Ideals

Leos and Aquarius are two signs of progress, innovation and ideals.

When spending time with a Leo, an Aquarius can learn to focus more on his personal needs and instincts more. He might also learn how to develop creative personal hobbies like art.

With an Aquarius friend, Leos can learn how to do something for mankind, and they might be encouraged to see creativity in mathematics or science.

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Cancers and Capricorns are both concerned with attainment and mastership. As cardinal signs, they are natural initiators and leaders.

From Cancer, a Capricorn can learn how to become more sensitive to others and understand how to become more sensitive to the human condition. From Capricorn, a Cancer can learn more about the steps he needs to take to be successful. A Capricorn will also inspire Cancer to become more ambitious.

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Gemini and Sagittarius are concerned with communication, information and knowledge. Both of the signs are curious truth-seekers but they explore different differently.

From a partnership with a Gemini, a Sagittarius can learn to think more in more detailed ways. A Gemini can also help Sagittarius to learn the insight of individuals.

By interacting with Sagittarius, a Gemini can gain a sense of the bigger picture and become more adventurous. A Sagittarius will bring spontaneity into a Gemini’s life and teach him how to think in a more expansive way.

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Taurus and Scorpio are two signs of great intensity and strong will. They are both interested in money, possessions and fine living.

When interacting with a Taurus, Scorpio can learn how to learn to stabilize and become less intense. Taurus will also help Scorpio appreciate sensual pleasure.

When interacting with Scorpio, Taurus will gain valuable insight as to how to achieve his goals. Scorpio can also teach Taurus how to become more analytical and proactive.

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Self vs. Partnership

Aries and Libra are concerned with the issue of ‘self v. partnership.’ From Libra, which is the sign of partnership, Aries will learn to appreciate others’ perspectives and the value of working in teams. Aries will also learn to consider other options before acting suddenly and spontaneously.

From the perspective of the Aries, the sign of self, Libra can learn how to better assert himself and become more self-sufficient. Libra might also learn the importance of taking risks and self-initiation.

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Opposite signs, or complimentary signs, are the signs that are located opposite to one’s sign on a zodiac wheel. Opposite signs often have similar goals, values and objectives but have different ways of reaching those goals. Through one’s opposite sign, a person can learn how to have a more balanced approach to life. The following are the six pairs of opposite signs and how they can benefit from each other.

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