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Astrology Game~

Astrology Game~

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Aries talks about Activities.

Taurus talks about Plans.

Gemini talks about Thoughts. 

Cancer talks about Intentions. 

Leo talks about Actions.

Virgo talks about Concepts.

Libra talks about Leisure. 

Scorpio talks about Desires. 

Sagittarius talks about Theories.

Capricorn talks about Goals.

Aquarius talks about Ideas.

Pisces talks about Dreams. 

  #zodiac    #astrology    #aries    #taurus    #gemini    #cancer    #leo    #virgo    #libra    #scorpio    #sagittarius    #capricorn    #aquarius    #pisces  

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. Gemini carries the youthful appearance, and Virgo carries the intelligent appearance.

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. Taurus carries the strong appearance, Libra carries the gentle appearance.

Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio. Aries carries the competitive appearance, Scorpio carries the strategic appearance.

Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius carries jubilant appearance, Pisces carries the scrupulous appearance. 

Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius. Capricorn carries the controlled appearance, Aquarius carries the aloof appearance. 

Leo and Cancer have the fullness of the Sun and the Moon. Leo carries the grace, Cancer carries the humility. 

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The Piscean Appearance

Body usually short and thinkset, with a back that may stoop as the person walks. Sleepy appearing eyes with large eyebrows, with a head that may be oddly shaped. Limbs are generally short. They give off a feeling of otherworldliness, and usually have very sensitive, caring eyes. They may have a trusting, eager look or a quality of empathy and nonjudgement exclusive to those who truly understand human sorrows and failings. They often look more clumsy than they actually are.

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When you compliment a Pisces:

"Oh! You are too sweet! Thank you so much!" *gently blushes and hides face in hands*

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The Zodiac Signs as Minecraft Biomes



Savanna Acacia.png

A relatively flat and dry biome with a dry grass color and scattered Acacia Trees. Villages can generate in this biome, and it is one of only two biomes (the other being plains) where horses spawn naturally. Rain never falls in this biome, similar to the desert.



2012-01-04 19.47.47.png

A relatively flat biome with rolling hills and much grass, and some occasional double-height tallgrass but with few trees. Gullies, water holes, and NPC villages are common. Cave openings and water or lava springs are easily identifiable due to its unobstructed terrain. Passive mobs spawn often in plains biomes, and it is also one of two biomes where horses spawn naturally


Roofed Forest


This biome is composed of Dark Oak Trees, a mostly closed roof of leaves, and occasional large mushrooms. Its trees are very close to each other and it has such a dense foliage that some of the forest will be dark enough for hostile mobs to spawn, even during the day.


Deep Ocean

Deep ocean.png

In Deep Ocean biomes, the ocean can exceed 30 blocks in depth, making it twice as deep as the normal ocean.




A barren biome consisting mostly of sand, large dunes, dead bushes, and cacti. Sandstone is commonly found underneath the sand. It never rains in this biome. No passive mobs spawn naturally in deserts. Sugar cane can be found if the desert is next to an ocean or river biome. The lack of visual obstruction makes mobs highly visible at night. Desert villages, desert wells and desert temples are found exclusively in this biome.


Extreme Hills

Extreme Hills.png

A highly mountainous biome with dull green-blue grass and a few scattered oak and spruce trees. Cliffs, peaks, valleys, waterfalls, overhangs, floating islands, and many other structures exist, offering outstanding views. Snowfall may also occur at certain heights. This is a highland climate if above y95. More underground cave systems are present here than in any other biome. Falling is a significant risk, as there are many ledges and sudden drops large enough to cause severe fall damage or even death. Extreme hills are the only biomes where emerald ores and silverfish can be found naturally.


Flower Forest 

Flower forest 2.png

A variant of the forest biome that has fewer trees and huge amounts of various flowers. There are certain flowers that are exclusive only to the flower forest.


Frozen River

Frozen River.png

This variant of the river only spawns in ice plains biomes. The surface layer of water is frozen



Mesa Cliff.png

Mesa is a rare biome made of hardened clay, stained clay, and dead bushes - similar to a desert. Red Sand will also generate here instead of regular sand, with occasional cacti. Its composition is useful when other sources of clay are scarce. However, finding mesa biomes can be difficult due to their rarity.



Jungle O' Trees.png

A very dense, but rather uncommon tropical biome. It features large jungle trees that can reach up to 31 blocks tall with 2×2 thick trunks. Oak trees are also common. The landscape is lush green and quite hilly, with many small lakes of water often nestled into deep valleys, sometimes above sea level. Leaves cover much of the forest floor—these “bush trees” have single-blocks of jungle wood for trunks, surrounded by oak leaves. When inside a jungle, the sky will become noticeably lighter. This is the only biome containing jungle trees. Vines are found alongside most blocks and may be found close to the surface in caves. Ocelots, jungle temples, and cocoa plants spawn exclusively in this biome. Melons can spawn here, making Jungle biomes the only place where Melons naturally spawn. Melons spawn in small patches, similar to pumpkins.


Birch Forest

Birch Trees Only.png

A forest made solely out of birch trees.


Stone Beach

Oceanfront Mountains.png

This stone-covered biome often appears adjacent to mountains and the ocean. Depending on the height of the nearby land, it can generate medium slopes or huge cliffs

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The Zodiac Signs as Minecraft Enchantments


Fire Aspect

Applied to: Weapons

Effect: Sets the target on fire



Applied to: Weapons, Armor, Tools

Effect: increases durability


Feather Falling

Applied to: Boots

Effect: Reduces fall damage


Luck of the Sea

Applied to: Fishing Rod

Effect: Decreases odds of catching worthless junk and increases chance of “treasure”



Applied to: Bow

Effect: Increases knockback, Mobs and players are knocked back further.



Applied to: Tools

Effect: Increases speed


Fire Protection

Applied to: Armor

Effect: Reduces fire damage, also reduces burn time when set on fire



Applied to: Armor

Effect: Damages attackers



Applied to: Tools

Effect: Increases block drops



Applied to: Weapons

Effect:  Increases maximum loot drop, increases chance of rare drops.



Applied to: Bow

Effect: Shooting consumes no arrows Firing requires at least one arrow in inventory, but does not consume it.



Applied to: Helmet

Effect: Extends underwater breathing time, improves underwater vision

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Names for Pisces Females


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Names for Pisces Males


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I’m a Solar Pisces, and I’m awesome.

I’m a Solar Pisces, and I’m awesome.

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All about the Zodiac Signs

Facts about the Zodiac Signs:

The Zodiac Signs and Genders:

Types of the Zodiac Signs:

The Zodiac Signs’ Personality Traits:

The Zodiac Signs and Ages:

The Zodiac Signs and Work:

The Zodiac Signs and Family:

The Zodiac Signs and Friendship:

The Zodiac Signs and Romance:

The Zodiac Signs and Sex:

If the Signs were…


Wow, that’s a lot! And there’s even more!

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The Zodiac Signs in a Horror Movie
Aries: The First to dieTaurus: The one who comes home at the end to find everyone deadGemini: The one who figures out who/what the killer isCancer: The one who says “Hello? Who’s there?” as if the killer will answerLeo: The one who tries to fight back and ends up deadVirgo: The one who sacrifices themselvesLibra: The one who says “everybody stay calm!” then freaks out themselvesScorpio: The one who runs out the front door instead of upstairsSagittarius: The one who is secretly helping the killerCapricorn: The one who snapped and went on a killing spreeAquarius: The one who makes it until the endPisces: The one who screams at everything

The Zodiac Signs in a Horror Movie

Aries: The First to die
Taurus: The one who comes home at the end to find everyone dead
Gemini: The one who figures out who/what the killer is
Cancer: The one who says “Hello? Who’s there?” as if the killer will answer
Leo: The one who tries to fight back and ends up dead
Virgo: The one who sacrifices themselves
Libra: The one who says “everybody stay calm!” then freaks out themselves
Scorpio: The one who runs out the front door instead of upstairs
Sagittarius: The one who is secretly helping the killer
Capricorn: The one who snapped and went on a killing spree
Aquarius: The one who makes it until the end
Pisces: The one who screams at everything

  #zodiac    #astrology    #aries    #taurus    #gemini    #cancer    #leo    #virgo    #libra    #scorpio    #sagittarius    #capricorn    #aquarius    #pisces    #horror movie    #zodiac signs  

Pisces Keywords

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Countries and Cities associated with Pisces:

Portugal, Normandy.

Northern Egypt, Alexandria, Rheims in France, Calabria in Sicily, Worms and Ratisbon in Germany and Compostella in Spain

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