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I’m a Cancer sun, Pisces moon, and Capricorn descending.

I’m a bit new to astrology. Ever since I started on the blog I’ve gotten more and more knowledge on it. I’m good with understanding cancers because i am one and because of my moon and descending signs I’m a more extreme case when it comes to emotions. I’m getting better and understanding other water signs too as I go along.

My goal here is to help people, especially cancers since I know how it is for them, with their personal problems and relationship questions in the hope that they will be able to make everything work out. :)

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~~ A scorpio girl ♥

Cancer men are very passionate and that usually transfers to the bedroom as well.  They like to really make sure they pleasure their female.  They can be aggressive and like being aggressive sometimes, depending on the mood, but in the long term maybe not as much.  Cancers are lovers, they like to be with the right person so it depends on their partner.


Dear Saxon,

Based on astrological signs, how good/bad will a friendship between a cancer girl and an aquarius girl go?

Sincerely, Anonymous

Cancer and Aquarius are opposites, they tend to have opposite views of life.  However, they can form a great bond if they like having their differences.  If you get past each others opposite view and don’t fight over them you can be great friends :).


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Anonymous said:
Saxon do you think you're a good representation of Cancer? Why?

I believe I am a good representation of Cancer because I like being helpful and I’m also very emotional and sensitive. And the signs I feel most compatible with are compatible with cancer.


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1. I am a musician, I’ve been playing guitar for 7 or 8 years.

2. I met my closest friend online on a website called myyearbook, don’t judge lol.

3. I am a 2 time college drop out for personal reasons but plan to attend college this fall for music recording technology.

4. The first girl I fell in love with was a Virgo.

5. My high school averaged about 80 kids per grade.

6. My favorite band is Guns N Roses and it always will be!

7. I’m very loud, that’s it.

8. I’m currently obsessed with pictures of sloths, they are awesome!

9. I was going to join the army but I wasn’t allowed in for medical reasons.

10. I train in MMA in my free time.

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Every Sunday, we’ll be doing Ask the Bloggers

Hello there, I’m Saxon :).

I like to give advice and help with personal problems. I’m a cancer so I am very compassionate and try to be nice and as helpful as possible and try to give you hope in every situation. I can’t wait to help you in any way you need :).

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The “Ask Saxon" bit is official, so if you have any questions for him, address them to "Saxon." :)

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I have a friend that’s a Cancer (He’s the one I interviewed for this post) and now we have an “Ask Saxon” section in which he could answer some of your questions.

This is spruce things up, so you can get a different opinion, considering we don’t have a water sign in our group right now.

He can answers any questions about

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