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Anonymous submitted to astraltwelve:

Conversation between a Cancer (blue) and a Libra (Grey)


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Anonymous submitted to astraltwelve:

Conversation between a Cancer (blue) and a Virgo (Grey)


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blaaaaask submitted to astraltwelve:

Taurus father informing Aquarius daughter of his shopping adventures with mother.

Dad (Taurus): “We stopped at a few stores. Some Rue place. A kitchen one. And Aerostople.”
Me (Aquarius): *Dies laughing* “AeroSTOPle?”
Dad (Taurus): “Whatever. It used to be Aristotle when I was growing up.”


I’m always accepting these! 

Aerostople omg I’m going to call it that from now on. xD


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saltwaterphoenix submitted:

Capricorn: That’s not my hair in the shower. That’s your hair.
Virgo: No, that’s your hair. It’s too long to be mine.
Capricorn: Well whatever it can’t be mine because I actually clean out the shower when I’m done with it.
Virgo: I clean out the shower!! I’m not a goddamn barbarian!!
Capricorn: Well then I guess Mom will have to tell us who’s hair it is!
Virgo: Yeah Mom who has to clean up the hair that’s obviously not mine?


This is fantastic. xD


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saltwaterphoenix submitted:

Leo: So I was giving my mom a back massage last night
Leo: and I noticed my arms in the mirror
Leo: and I was like
Leo: damn
Leo: look at my muscles
Leo: look at how toned I’m getting
Leo: So I started flexing and my GOD I look amazing
Virgo: …what about your mom’s massage?
Leo: Basically I forgot about it
Leo: She told me, “Let me know when you’re done admiring yourself” and got up and left.


This is so hilarious omg


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showuplikeahurricane submitted:

Daughter: It says here that your moon is in Taurus.
Dad: Does that mean that I get a ring through my nose?
Daughter: No. It does mean you probably like art, and old things, like vintage things.
Dad: Yes, I do like old things, that’s why I married your mom. -laughs the hardest of everyone at his own joke-


Bahahahaha. xD


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skully-skullz submitted to astraltwelve:

Aquarius: I don’t want equality, that means a guy can punch me in the face cuz we are equal -_-

Aries: I don’t like equality either, I like being the best

Aquarius: ………HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I hope no one ever gives you too much power

Aries: What do you mean give me power, I take that sh!t

Aquarius: I’ll just stay on your good side them


I’m laughing really hard, this is amazing, I love you. XD <3


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xxxmusicncookiesxxx submitted to astraltwelveaskbox:

Sorry if you’re not doing the chat thing anymore but this may be a bit entertaining.

*Scorpio sends picture of puppy*


Scorpio: XD Puppy-san is now nibbling on the coach


Scorpio: She also woke me up at 5 am today



I am SO still doing this! :D 

For anyone interested, read this! <3


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kermyyy submitted to astraltwelve:

A man of his own, he is.

His ideals and all that he is,

I wouldn’t change any of that for the world.

A dear soul that connects with mine,

so perfect and content.

Open minded and passionate, he will always be. 

Never have I cared so deeply.

What he’s got is far beyond compare.


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happilyhorany submitted to astraltwelve:

Your eyes seem like the light blue of the sky

Your soul seems like it’s as deep as the sea

My breath leaves me mouth in a heavy sigh

It is not mean to be for you to love me

It always seems like you have nobody

But by my sights you are never alone

I would love to be your source of happy

Whether we’re out and about or at home

You will carry my heart with you always

Though I will not have yours, keep it safe please

I can’t stop thinking about you for days

Though unrequited the love will not cease

It may sound really, very pathetic

All those others will just never get it.


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ilgiorgio submitted to astraltwelve:

I pray to know

What is behind me

What will always stalk me.

It’s at my back

It’s what i lack.

I don’t know if it’s fear

Or i’m just afraid.

Of what i can do

And who i can hurt.

I will only know

It’s a shadow on me.

It’s my unknown Gemini.


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is2ac submitted to astraltwelve:

The tide moves slowly

The sea of emotions stirs

Hide into the home


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the-lightworker submitted to astraltwelve:

Once, an old friend told me that we look out into the world

behind rose-colored spectacles.

That old friend was not completely wrong,

but she missed one thing.

It might be that our eyes wander and our minds wonder,

or it might be that our lips form delicate words to make you fall under our love spell,

but perhaps you’ve mistaken our beauty for purity.

We are sirens, mermaids, clown fish, whales, sharks.

We are rain to the soil, running stream, and yet a tsunami too.

We are calm water, dark water, deep water.

Constantly moving, flowing, changing and loving.


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bendwithpride submitted to astraltwelve:

Can’t go backwards

and from where we stand

I don’t know where forward lies.

Not quite right,

but far from wrong.

Eyes meet,

but dart away.

Careful not to get close,

but unable to go far.

We remember,

but don’t dare say it.

And with each day

it grows more certain.

My heart hasn’t changed.


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thetardisis7437locked submitted to astraltwelve:

I dream of a day

I can say

All the words

That are in my mind.

I dream of a day

When your reaction

Will not affect me.

I will be unafraid.

But for today,

I am content

WIth things as they are.

All the words

That I would have said,

That I might have spoken

Are with me



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