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I’m starting up my own business~ I’ve always loved candle making, and just haven’t been able to do it in a while. But now that I’m a stay at home mom- I’m finding the time for all sorts of things again. And that means candles! 

I’m going to be officially opening up my business in late July, making candles, and then eventually soaps (probably a little after Christmas). Its a big step for me because I feel so useless just sitting at home with the baby all day. I miss working, and providing for myself! (Enter that Aries influence lol).

I’ll be making:

The tureen jars look like: 

The Apothecary jars look like:

The candles are made from 100% natural soy wax that is grown/produced in the USA. Each fragrance is infused with natural essence oils such as lemon and grapefruit. These candles are considered to be vegan friendly.

But, I’ve decided to give you guys a special offer if you pre-order candles. From today, June 12th, to July 1st, if you order from me, I’ll give you a 25% discount off! (Discount does not apply to special rates). You’re candles will be made and shipped by July 15th. Depending on where you live from Virginia is when you’ll receive them. 

The first 10 people to order will also get a Zodiac charm of any sign they want included in their order! 

I don’t have the website up right now, but my amazing computer specialist boyfriend is designing one for me. It won’t be up for a few weeks, as we’re taking time to visit family for graduation and to show off the little guy, so all orders can be placed through here, or via my email: Autumnwillo@gmail.com

If you have any other specific questions, you can ask me either place as well. :) 

Thanks for being supportive guys <3 Love you all~ 

— Willo

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I figured I’d spam you guys with baby Aries. Two months old and already smiling, laughing and optimistic like a true Aries! Looks like his Scorpio daddy, but acts just like his Aries mommy <3 Handsome and sassy- the perfect combo! 

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Off to bed! Goodnight, Starlings ;)

Kiss, kiss
Willo :*

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Me: So, you come across three bears. What do they look like?
Boyfriend: They're white and weigh 1,000 pounds.
Me: This is a personality thing! Be serious!
Bf: I am being serious! They're polar bears!
Me: In the middle of a forest? Seriously? Alright. How do you interact with them?
Bf: I have some Coca-Cola with them!
Me: Oh, come on!
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Anonymous said:
Willo- Are you in a relationship? Do your signs traditionally get along well?

Yup! I’m an Aries in a relationship with a Scorpio <3 

Aries and Scorpio aren’t always known to get along, but we manage just fine! <3

— Willo 

Join the Game!

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Thank you all very much for your opinions!

Unfortunately, I am an idiot, and didn’t check the availability of some of these (specifically cheerupbuttercup and flamesinthedark). 

So! We are officially yourwaytosanity

A psychology, disorder-help, advice focused blog. :)

Feel free to follow us and send us messages. <3


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I’m Willo, an Aries born on April 15th, 1993! My moon is in Aquarius and my Rising is Sagittarius.

I’ve been studying astrology for 8-9 years now, and I’ve been friends with Calli for about 4 years. So, when she asked if I wanted to join the blog with her, I was absolutely flattered! 

I’m especially good with Fire sign matters, and I’ve been studying up on Synastry. So, if you ask us anything to do with that, I’ll be the one to answer you! 

Read More

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I’m a leo~ *gives willo a cookie*

— willo

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Extravert(100%)  iNtuitive(62%)  Feeling(50%)  Judging(1%)

Aries Moon Aquarius <3 Booyah! 

— Willo

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For anyone interested in a blog all about Aries, you can find me (Willo) HERE.

I can’t wait to see you! ;) 

<3 Willo

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Things have settled down at home, and I can actually get online again (without the whole house glitching). :) I’m sorry I missed so much, but you were all in good hands with Calli! (And the others too, of course).
I’ve missed you guys!! Can’t wait to start posting an answering questions again!


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Why do you all live in Washington, near Calli, Hunter, and Drake?

I need friends too ya know. Okay? So some of you move to Virginia. 



— Willo

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skully-skullz said:
Ayyyyye seksay Willo!!

<3 You guyyyyssss. I haven’t even posted like a “sexy” picture of myself lmao. Clearly you guys are just totally missing the fact that I’m a complete derp :)

— Willo

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jaceejace-deactivated20130705 said:
Yes Willo, you're gorgeous :))

<3 You’re so gorgeous too! But clearly you haven’t actually seen me:



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Wolf moon!


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