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Pisces at Work.

At work, the person who has a typical Pisces personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* is rarely in an executive position, nor does he or she enjoy being tied to working in a team that has a strict routine
* enjoys work that offers freedom of expression, which usually means working alone or in a self-directed position
* if working in a team, Pisces prefers an occupation that allows for frequent changes and adaptations

Pisces as Employer

* is more likely to be found in organizations as a director rather than as the boss
* will serve people rather than accumulate power
* uses his or her gifts to make the correct move
* is a shrewd judge of character* is unconventional and creative
* values those who are conventional and well organized, because they are needed to back up his or her ideas
* will never rufuse help to someone in need
* may act tough to hide a deep belief in the mystical

Pisces as Employee

* needs work where there is plenty of outlet for either human understanding or creative imagination
* will be depressed, lazy, and useless if neither of these needs are satisfied
* will be very affected by surroundings
* when happy is a loyal worker
* will get the job done, although nobody seems to understand how he or she operates

Working Environment

* must feel comfortable
* will have a pleasent atmosphere
* should be a large and flexible space
* may be brightly colored

Typical Occupations

All kinds of jobs in film, theater, TV, radio, ballet, music, and art will attract Pisces, who is often a good actor. A job that allows travel will be attractive. Advertising, public relations, and any job that is part of the service industry. Helping people to solve their problems and charitable and church work will also be very attractive to Pisces.

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Aquarius at Work.

At work, the person who has a typical Aquarius personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* enjoys working with a group
* usually likes to use his or her mind
* dislikes routine and decision making
* enjoys variety

Aquarius as Employer

* is fair and will pay employees exactly what the job deserves
* will be generous to anyone doing extra special work beyond the terms of contract
* although not a natural executive, he or she will carry out the role of boss using all the Aquarian skills of quick thinking and shrewd analysis
* will expect a day’s work for a day’s pay
* dislikes any form of dishonesty
* is unshockable
* will not forgive lies or broken promises
* will give employees all the rope they need (even to hang themselves)

Aquarius as Employee

* is aloof but gathers a large circle of friends
* will regularly go off into a mental exploration of future possibilities — and return with some very creative ideas
* brings a fresh approach to any task
* will frequently change his or her job or type of occupation in the early years; later he or she will settle down and stay with one company
* is conscientious, courteous, and has a knack for sensing what’s wrong with machinery

Working Environment

* could be almost anywhere in the world
* will have the latest communication technology
* changes frequently
* should be free from emotional tensions and noise

Typical Occupations

Anything that involves experimentation, ideas, investigation, analysis, and innovation attracts Aquarius. For example: dancer, scientist, photographer, astrologer, singer, TV or radio presenter, writer, charity worker, inventor, archeologist, radiographer, electronics engineer, humanitarian aid worker.

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Capricorn at Work.

At work, the person who has a typical Capricorn personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* works hard and for long hours
* likes to have some home comforts in the workplace so he or she can change and go on to another appointment, or stay all night if necessary

Capricorn as Employer

* does not neglect family life for business, and family members may visit him or her at work
* is kind but expects obedience to the rules
* has a strong sense of duty and works very hard
* is not a good mixer, but others trust him or her
* does not give perks but responds when people are in need
* takes responsibilities very seriously, and so may neglect personal needs
* dresses conservatively and is well organized
* can keep complex operations moving smoothly

Capricorn as Employee

* arrives very early and leaves late
* is dependable and can carry huge workloads
* minds his or her own business
* works steadily and quietly, staying with the same company for a long time
* occasionally reveals a wry sense of humor
* is conscientious and aims high (for power not for glory)
* will expect a salary in keeping with the work done
* has respect for superiors, elders, and those more experienced
* enjoys common-sense procedures

Working Environment

* must be comfortable, like a home away from home
* must be tidy and well organized
* should have a framed photo of the family on the desk
* must not have money wasted on it unnecessarily

Typical Occupations

Any occupation the requires good organization and smart management, but which does not require the Capricorn to be the front person. Capricorns prefer to work in private. They generally make good bankers, systems analysts, accountants, researchers, dentists, architects, engineers, manufacturers, and politicians. Many Capricorns are jewelers, funeral directors, art dealers, anthropologists, and managers of musicians and other entertainers. They are also to be found on radio and television interview programs; their quiet, unflappable natures are perfect for serious work under pressure.

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Sagittarius at Work

At work, the person who has a typical Sagittarian personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* needs a challenge, so even in the dullest, most routine job, he or she will seek challenges
* is versatile
* needs to do several things at once
* may have two jobs
* needs intellectual and physical exercise
* gets tired only when bored

Sagittarius as Employer

* is rarely naturally tactful and may be quite blunt
* has a sense of overall planning, although they may overlook details
* expects people to be straightforward
* can be erratic and hard to tie down
* can promote anything extremely well
* can boost morale and will fight for what he/she believes is right
* is generally cheerful
* is kind and understanding

Sagittarius as Employee

* works best when allowed to get on with the job at their own speed — which is usually fast
* is cheerful and does not complain
* is enthusiastic, willing, and generally ahead of everyone else
* enjoys praise and will promise almost anything
* is interested in current pay but not in long-term career plans
* will boost everyone’s spirits when they are depressed

Working Environment

* is wherever they are — they take their tools with them
* will be open and airy
* may be decorated imaginatively

Typical Occupations

Anything in sales or promotion that involves travel and knowledge of foreign languages; anything that allows Sagittarius to perform; and any career that involves learning and the use of the intellect such as teacher, lawyer, or writer. A Sagittarius will be attracted to work that combines intellect and physical activity, such as veterinary practice, or indeed any kind of work with animals.

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Scorpio at Work.

At work, the person who has a typical Scorpio personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* will eventually know everyone’s secrets
* will sense the moods of other people
* is indefatigable
* will excel as a team leader
* will appear to be calm in all situations

Scorpio as Employer

* will demand total loyalty
* will do anything to help someone he/she likes
* will solve even the most difficult problems
* will never reveal the depth of his or her competitiveness
* confronts problems directly
* will be concerned and passionate toward the workers’ families, regarding them as part of the team

Scorpio as Employee

* is self-motivated
* knows what he/she wants to achieve
* will take any amount of criticism from someone who has something he/she wants
* will accept failure as inevitable only when the odds are overwhelming
* is tenacious, intense, and career minded
* does not waste time and is not a clock-watcher

Working Environment

* suggests an air of quiet confidence
* is usually tidy, or at least orderly
* contains nothing superfluous to the job
* contains equipment that helps Scorpio increase knowledge and undertake shrewd analysis

Typical Occupations

Scorpios enjoy solving mysteries and penetrating the secrets of life. They love to get to the heart of any problem, human or mechanical.

They may be detectives, pathologists, surgeons, scientists, researchers, undertakers, sewage workers, insurers, market analysts, butchers, members of the armed services, or pharmacists.

Any occupation which Scorpios feel is important and offers the opportunity to investigate and analyze complex problems will satisfy them. Scorpios can run a big business or a small enterprise as long as they feel that they are achieving something.

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Libra at Work.

At work, the person who has a typical Libra personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* takes time to get things right
* is usually honest in business
* is more often than not in a partnership
* is a great promoter of ideas
* builds a good network of contacts

Libra as Employer

* is unhurried but extremely restless
* takes note of everyone’s opinion before making decisions
* often suggests unusual answers to problems
* is an expert at the rational analysis of situations
* believes his or her policy is the best
* has strong opinions about finance

Libra as Employee

* belongs to a union
* expects and gives a fair deal
* never gossips, although he or she talks a lot
* mediates effectively in personality tiffs
* can be moody, but is not rude or mean
* needs periods of rest

Working Environment

* must be harmonious — Libras can get migraines just because the walls are the wrong color
* should be peaceful
* if there is music, it must be classical or refined
* should be free from anything upsetting
* will have a calm but purposeful atmosphere

Typical Occupations

Libras are liable to be involved with any aspect of the law, politics, or dipomacy. Their eye for design may lead them into areas such as fashion, art dealership, or graphics. They will also enjoy working in jobs that involve talking and presentation, such as promotional work. Many Libras are good at planning business ventures.

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Virgo at Work

At work, the person who has a typical Virgo personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* is best in a supporting role
* is meticulous and self-disciplined
* offers others a sense of stability
* is very helpful to other people
* can enjoy complicated, routine work

Virgo as Employer

* is excellent as boss of a small company
* can see the details very clearly
* will call a spade a spade
* expects honesty in all matters
* is kindhearted, honest, and fair
* expects good grooming, good manners, and good habits
* can handle extremely complicated projects
* will reward good work with pay not perks

Virgo as Employee

* is good in service work and research, rather than manufacturing
* will become an excellent assistant to the boss
* does good work and expects to be paid well
* is courteous, reliable, and thorough
* is quick-thinking, analytical, and intelligent
* will be cautious, critical, and methodical

Working Environment

* will not be noisy
* will have the most up-to-date equipment
* is best decorated with subtle, neutral colors
* is organized so that work can have a regular routine

Typical Occupations

Any occupation which enables the Virgoan to give service and handle complicated or difficult details will suit most Virgoans.

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Leo at Work.

At work, the person who has a typical Leo personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* gives a good first impression at interviews
* is able to act a part or exaggerate when necessary
* must be in charge of something
* can work very hard
* finds it difficult to apologize

Leo as Employer

* has huge self-confidence
* can get everyone working hard for him or her
* loses confidence if his or her authority is undermined
* is thoughtful toward workers and their families
* is generous with praise and compliments
* enjoys showing people how to do things
* tends to take the credit for everyone’s success
* cannot tolerate failure
* can charm people into working devotedly

Leo as Employee

* needs to have his or her superiority recognized
* works hard
* is very loyal
* can keep customers happy
* makes a good showperson
* responds to genuine praise of his or her efforts

Working Environment

* is convenient and comfortable
* has an air of luxury
* usually has pictures on the wall
* often has status symbols displayed
* is a place that inspires admiration

Typical Occupations

Leo is often associated with leadership, promotion and sales, any job which has a special title, acting, directing, teaching, politics, public relations, management, the law, or a self-employed skill or business. Leo often shows his or her inner strengths when under great pressure or when a crisis occurs.

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Cancer at Work.

At work, the person who has a typical Cancer personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* is there to make money
* takes work seriously and works hard
* will take responsibility
* responds to affectionate appreciation
* works steadily and is reliable

Cancer as Employer

* expects his or her people to be neatly dressed
* takes work seriously and does not like frivolity
* has one aim: to make money
* drives a hard bargain but is fair
* rarely forgets anything
* generously rewards hard work

Cancer as Employee

* will work hard for money because a good bank balance makes him or her feel secure
* will accept discipline calmly
* expects the rate of pay to increase steadily in response to increased output and responsibility
* enjoys taking responsibility

Working Environment

* must be comfortable and secure
* will have family photos displayed
* will be organized for hard work
* should be furnished with the best quality tools
* a location near water would be an added bonus

Typical Occupations

Occupations that attract typical Cancerians are the food industry, such as baking, candy making, catering, nutrition, hotel or domestic work; animal breeding; horticulture; gardenings; anything connected with boats, water, ponds, rivers, fountains, pools, fishing; any kind of trading; counseling; psychotherapy; social work; nursing; obstetrics; political work connected with any of these.

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Gemini at Work.

At work, the person who has a typical Gemini personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* gets things done
* works better with people around
* can deal with emergencies quickly
* will try anything once
* needs variety

Gemini as Employer

* is not dogmatic
* delagates astutely and concentrates on schemes to increase profits and cut costs
* makes changes to improve communication and productivity
* is impatient with mundane administration
* will inspect, notice, and question every aspect of every department
* will classify his or her workers’ talents
* enjoys building goodwill and increasing client orders by meeting clients in restaurants, on the golf course, or anywhere out on the road in places near and far

Gemini as Employee

* can charm his or her way through an interview
* is good at thinking, new ideas, and details
* makes jokes and small talk, and gets things done
* will get bored and fail to carry through an idea if too much red tape holds up a project
* enjoys fast action and quick returns

Working Environment

:* (if it has to be in a fixed place) must be spacious and stimulating

Typical Occupations

Geminis are good in any kind of work that involves public relations, selling, or getting information and ideas across to others such as teaching, writing and work in any of the media. Their quick minds, combined with dexterous abilities, lead some to become surgeons, scientific researchers, artists, or musicians. Because they love words and ideas, they may become politicians or actors.

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Taurus at Work

At work, the person who has a typical Taurean personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* will work steadily toward achieving what he/she values
* cannot bear interference
* has great respect for institutions
* requires work that gives respectability

Taurus as Employer

* patiently tests out the employees
* doggedly sticks to stated principles
* will give anyone more than a fair chance but fire anyone who breaks his or her trust
* is often a self-made person and will make money
* does not make hasty judgments
* wants things done his or her way
* is kind and patient but expects total loyalty
* likes plain facts but hates flattery

Taurus as Employee

* needs a regular salary
* is an excellent person to handle money
* is honest and dependable
* is practical, sensible, and down-to-earth
* enjoys sensible routines
* displays foresight
* is rarely thrown off balance
* can handle emergencies

Working Environment

* must be calm and well-ordered
* any noise or color scheme must be low key, if it is an office
* should be at a fixed location — rural or park settings suit Taurus well

Typical Occupations

Taurus is associated with banking, farming, floristry, interior design, architecture, food, engineering, construction, general medical practice, executive secretarial positions, stable occupations in established institutions, and any occupation that involves the shrewd acquisition of land, investments, or goods.

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Aries at Work

At work, the person who has a typical Aries personality will exhibit the following characteristics.

Typical Behavior and Abilities

* is loyal an enthusiastic about the company
* will work all hours and is not a clock watcher
* will look elsewhere for an opening if bored
* is highly creative and can initiate
* has very strong willpower
* is not suited to political work

Aries as Employer

* is idealistic and needs the faith of his or her employees and expects their loyalty
* believes he/she can make the future a success
* needs others but will go it alone when necessary
* wants to be recognized as the boss
* can pull a business up from a near bankruptcy
* is generous with rewards for hard work
* expects everyone to drop everything to solve a crisis

Aries as Employee

* works best when answerable only to the boss
* can promote anything
* tends to work late rather than early
* looks for opportunity to learn and progress
* intends to succeed but is careless with details
* knows he or she can do well
* will move to another job if he or she feels the challenges in the current job have run out; security is not a priority, although Aries workers usually make their way under the most difficult circumstances

Working Environment

* will have people and machines to take care of the details
* may be almost anywhere that is exciting
* must be stimulating and allow freedom of movement
* will support an important-seeming image
* must be accessible at all times: day, night, and weekends

Typical Occupations

Aries is associated with work which inspires activity in others — for example, leaders, directors, supervisors, or any job that has authority. Aries must be in command or they will lose interest. Aries works best at the initiation of a project, leaving the consolidation to other people. Typical jobs are in recruitment and training, work in the theater, business enterprises, sports, and the military in any position that has power.

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